Alarm Systems

False alarms are costly to the City. From 2006 to 2012, there were over 1,100 false alarm calls per year. In 2012, false alarms cost the taxpayers more than $98,000 (dispatcher and operational support time, RCMP officer time and program administration costs). In 2013 after the implementation of the new Alarm Bylaw amendments, false alarms dropped to 403 calls. In 2014, the Detachment is on pace to match the 2013 reduction equalling a cost savings to the City in excess of $120,000 in just two years. This reduction in calls also allows valuable police resources to be used in other ongoing initiatives. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What information does the City of St. Albert need to keep the alarm permit current?
We need your most recent information on file to keep your permit current. Please contact our office if you have changes to the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Alarm monitoring company
  • Business/Residence ownership

A new permit application will need to be completed if there is a change in ownership and/or address. Permits are issued in the name of the applicant (permit holder) at the alarm address and are not transferable to other residential and/or business owners or addresses.

2. Is a fee charged for false alarms in St. Albert?
There is no charge for the first false alarm per permit (where the RCMP are dispatched to your home/business for the purpose of attending a possible crime in progress) as a result of your alarm system being activated. The second and subsequent false alarms per permit will result in an invoice for a response fee:

2015 Fees

Permit Fees - GST Exempt Total
  • All Buildings
Reinstatement Fee - GST Exempt Total     
  • All Buildings
Response Fee Total
  • First False Alarm Associated to a Permit
No Charge
  • False Alarm in a Residential Building + GST
  • False Alarm in a Commercial or other type of building or property up to 500 square metres in size + GST 
  • False Alarm in a Commercial or other type of building or property over 500 square metres in size  + GST

3. What happens if the response fee is not paid?
Payment is requested within 30 days of the incident as per Section 9(b) of the Alarm Systems Bylaw. If this amount is not paid, your alarm permit will be revoked. If your alarm permit is revoked and your system is activated, you will be issued a ticket under Section 4 of the Alarm Systems Bylaw for using an alarm without a permit. 

4. What is the process for reinstatement of the alarm permit?
A permit may be reinstated upon application and payment of any outstanding response fees and the $330 reinstatement fee.

5. What happens if there are more than two (2) false alarms?
If your alarm system generates three (3) or more false alarms within a six (6) month period, your alarm permit will be revoked (as per Section 9(a) of the Alarm Systems Bylaw). See above for reinstatement procedures.

For more information: 

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