Bike Skills Park

Bike Skills Park

Bike skills parks are great places to hone or develop your bike handling skills. They provide a safe, fun environment to ride in and are suitable for all ages, skill levels and all types of bikes. A well designed park allows riders to progress through a variety of features from beginner to advanced levels all within a dynamic self-taught environment.

The future St. Albert Bike Skills Park will provide our youth, families and residents of all ages with an additional free and spontaneous recreational opportunity. The park will serve as a gathering point for our youth and families who enjoy taking part in healthy outdoor activities.

About the Project

The Mountain Bike Skills Park is part of City Council's objective to develop the community, strengthen St. Albert's social fabric and enhance the safety and health of St. Albert's families.

Site Selected

St. Albert City Council approved the location of a Mountain Bike Skills Park at 43R Riel Drive, and authorized construction pending the successful outcome of a natural areas assessment.

City staff along with the Mountain Bike Skills Park Advisory Committee and the St. Albert Bike Association implemented a thorough public engagement process to assist the City in determining a final site location.


  • Riel Park has tremendous trail system access and is not in close proximity to residential properties. There is more parking at Riel Park and this site made sense because it was felt to be safer to use for people of all ages.
  • From a policing perspective, 43R Riel Drive was felt to be far more suited to police visibility as it is located on established trails which are frequented by police through bike and cart patrols. The RCMP felt they can provide a greater presence in the Riel area.
  • Riel Park allows for transit availability.

Natural Areas Assessment

The Natural Areas Assessment, conducted in July 2014, identified the environmental function and values at 43R Riel Drive, assessed potential environmental impacts and proposed mitigation recommendations to reduce or eliminate the effects of development on the environment. The report identified six potential environmental effects out of a possible 48 potential interactions between the Mountain Bike Skills Park and the environment. To review the report, click on Natural Areas Assessment under Resources.

The City believes that the six environmental effects can be mitigated by focusing the development of the park in the grassland portion of the property, which was not considered a natural area due to human disturbances of the area over the last 40 years. The City will move forward with the full design using the findings and parameters suggested in the report to determine if the environmental impacts can be mitigated. Design is anticipated to be completed by April 2015. 

Next Steps

  • Design - March to April 2015
  • Construction - Summer/Fall 2015


Questions or concerns?

If you have any questions about the proposed Bike Skills Park and location, please contact:

City of St. Albert
Name: Micah Seon-King
Phone: 780-459-1640