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A close-up detail of the Ukrainian flag
A close-up detail of the Ukrainian flag

Supporting Ukraine ›

St. Albert stands with Ukraine and supports the Ukrainian-Canadian community in its time of need.

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Solar panels in grass with sun and sky


Solar Farm ›

Why propose a solar farm? To minimize tax increases and maintain existing services, we need to identify new,...

Ambulance with lights flashing

March 8, 2022

Emergency Vehicles and Rules of the Road ›

You see the flashing lights of an emergency response vehicle, but do you know what to do? The flashing lights...

An illustration showing graphs and various tabular outputs


Online Services ›

A number of online tools are available, such as MyCity (which allows users to manage their dog and business...

Dynamic Information Sign on Ray Gibbon Drive

May 18, 2022

City Installs First Permanent Dynamic Information Sign ›

On May 18, 2022, a new permanent overhead dynamic information sign was installed on Ray Gibbon Drive at St....

A generic graphic for a City news release

May 9, 2022

St. Albert Hires New Chief Administrative Officer ›

Mayor Cathy Heron, on behalf of Council, is pleased to announce that after an extensive search, William...

Vehicles on St. Albert Trail

May 9, 2022

City Receives Award for Transportation Innovation ›

On May 2, 2022, the City of St. Albert received an award for Operational Innovation through the 2022...

Family roasts marshmallows outdoors in Saint Albert, Alberta

May 4, 2022

City Council Approves New Parks Bylaw ›

On May 2, 2022, City Council approved Parks Bylaw 07/2022 to ensure St. Albert's parks and open spaces are...

People on Trail

May 3, 2022

Proactive Collaborative Approach to Tough 2023 Budget ›

Historically, City Administration has prepared a proposed budget for Council consideration that was presented...