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Approved 2022 Budget
Approved 2022 Budget

Approved 2022 Budget ›

On December 20, Council approved the City's Financial Plan and 2022 Budget.

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Solar panels in grass with sun and sky


Solar Farm ›

Why propose a solar farm? To minimize tax increases and maintain existing services, we need to identify new,...

An illustration showing graphs and various tabular outputs


Online Services ›

A number of online tools are available, such as MyCity (which allows users to manage their dog and business...

Fire Truck

January 12, 2022

Time is the Enemy in Any Emergency ›

Help emergency responders get to the scene of an emergency as soon as possible by following the rules of the...

Name Tag

January 10, 2022

Say My Name! ›

Many fairy tales have centered around the theme that using someone’s true name results in extraordinary...

An image of a photo enforcement truck at work in the community

December 23, 2021

Photo Enforcement Sites - January 2022 ›

The City of St. Albert is sharing its photo enforcement Site of the Day locations for January 2022. ...

People Walking

December 21, 2021

Council Approves 2022 Budget ›

At the December 20 Council meeting, the City’s Financial Plan and 2022 Budget was approved, following the...

Dog on ice

December 15, 2021

City of St. Albert Launches Ice Safety Campaign ›

The City is reminding residents that each of us has a personal responsibility to stay away from known...

A land annexation graphic showing a map collage

December 10, 2021

City of St. Albert Annexation Approved ›

The City of St. Albert’s application to annex 1558 hectares (3850 acres) of land from Sturgeon County was...