Urban Beekeeping Licences

A licence is required for honey beekeeping in St. Albert.

Improving Local Pollination

Urban beekeeping in St. Albert can help to improve pollination, in turn increasing biodiversity, food security and environmental stability. Urban beekeeping can also serve as a valuable educational experience that provides a connection to nature and our food system. With appropriate management practices in place, beekeeping in urban areas is a safe activity.

On September 11, 2017, City Council passed the Urban Beekeeping Bylaw, which allows beekeeping in St. Albert and outlines the regulations required to participate. The Urban Beekeeping Bylaw is specific to the keeping of honey bees. The Bylaw addresses the number of hives, the setback requirement for the placement of hives, training and mentoring for a beekeeper, and that provincial regulations are followed. 

Next Steps

Residents interested in Urban Beekeeping in St. Albert should read the Urban Beekeeping Bylaw. In addition, residents should also take a course on urban beekeeping and look for an experienced mentor who can be there for you as you become a beekeeper.



From the City of St. Albert

Urban Beekeeping Licence Application Form

Urban Beekeeping Regulations

Authorization Form from Registered Owner

Authorization Form from Leaseholder

Neighbour Consent Form

Urban Beekeeping Resources

Swarm Information

Urban Beekeeping Myths

Urban Beekeeping Frequently Asked Questions

Solitary Bees Information Handout


Beekeeping Courses

Apiaries & Bees for Communities (ABC Bees)

Edmonton and District Beekeepers Association


The Bee Community


External Resources

Bee Act

Bee Regulation

Alberta Beekeepers Commission

YEG Bees Facebook Group

Bee-Friendly Garden Design Tips

Government of Alberta – Honey Bee Health and Apiculture

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Last edited: February 13, 2023