Building & Development Permits

Most forms of development require the issuance of a City permit before work commences.

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Assuring a Compliant Development

The requirement for permits applies to new buildings, additions, or the replacement or repair of existing buildings, changes in use, or intensity of use (of land or buildings), the excavation or stockpiling of soil, or the placement of signage on buildings or private property. The Land Use Bylaw outlines the types of development allowed in each land use district and the rules and regulations governing those uses.

By obtaining a development permit, you will have the assurance that your development complies with the rules and regulations of the Land Use Bylaw. In addition, should you ever require a Compliance Certificate, you will know that the improvements on your property have been granted the necessary permits.

Not all proposed development requires the issuance of a development permit. Smaller sheds, fences on certain lots and some decks may be exempt from the requirement for a permit. Section 3.2 of the Land Use Bylaw outlines developments that do not require a development permit, but it is best to check with Planning and Development to confirm whether you need a permit for the development you are considering.

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