Accessory Buildings

Sheds, Gazebos, Playhouses, Greenhouses or Workshops

If you are planning to build a shed, gazebo, playhouse, greenhouse or workshop, you may be required to obtain a development permit. Before you make any decisions about what you're going to build, you should familiarize yourself with the City's development requirements.

General Requirements

The maximum total area of your lot that can be covered by the principal building and garage is 40%, and 42%, including accessory buildings (Bylaw 2/2018). To determine your lot coverage: divide the total floor area of all buildings on the lot by the total lot area. There must be at least 1.5 metres between your house and any shed, gazebo, or accessory building.

Buildings, including eaves, must not be built over utility right-of-ways. The exterior finishes of accessory developments shall match or complement the exterior finishing of the principal building.

Accessory Building Requirements

  • Accessory buildings include sheds, workshops, gazebos, pool equipment buildings, playhouses and hot tub enclosures that exceed an area of 10 sq. metres (108 sq. feet).
  • An accessory building must be located in the backyard at least one metre from the side and rear property lines and can not exceed 3.7 metres in height.
  • Accessory buildings less than 10 sq. metres in area do not require a development or building permit but must comply with the above-mentioned setback and height restrictions.
  • If an accessory building is attached to the principal building or a detached garage, it is considered part of that building and must meet all the setback requirements of that building.

Application Checklist

To receive a timely decision on your application, please ensure that your application is clear, legible and accurate. If any part of your application is missing, unreadable or inaccurate, your application will be deemed incomplete, and a decision will not be rendered.

Your application must include

  1. Complete application form
  2. Fees = $155.50, including:
    • Development permit - $72.00
    • Building permit deposit - $79.00
    • Safety code fee -$4.50
  3. Two (2) copies of scaled drawings, in metric (minimum 1:100) including:
    1. site plan (showing building dimensions and distances to property lines);
    2. building elevations (dimensioning height and labelling finishes);
    3. floor plan if necessary (must include window and door locations, interior walls, smoke alarms, electrical outlets and dimensions).

* Please note that these rates may change without notice.

Sheds, gazebos and accessory buildings on residential properties are the responsibility of the property owner, must be located within your property lines and must comply with land-use bylaws.

Planning Applications & Forms

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Last edited: January 5, 2021