Building a Deck

If your deck is higher than 0.6 m above finished grade, you will need to obtain both development and building permits.

There are many choices to make when you build a deck. Do you build a multi-level, raised or basic deck? What kind of wood should you use?

Regardless of your choices, you need to become familiar with the City's building regulations before you build.

The City of St. Albert regulates decks on residential properties. You do not need a development or building permit if the deck is 0.6 metres (two feet) or less above finished grade. However, your deck must meet the setback requirements outlined in the Land Use Bylaw. If your deck is higher than 0.6 m above finished grade, you will need to obtain both development and building permits.

A rear yard deck less than 1.5 m in height must be located at least 1.0 m from the side and 3.0 m from the rear property lines. If the deck in the rear yard is higher than 1.5 m, it must be set back at least 5.0 m from the side and rear property lines.

A development officer may reduce this requirement if it is determined that the 5.0 m setback is not required due to site conditions and the deck meets the setbacks of the principal building. In the front yard, decks should be set back at least 6.0 m from the front property line.

Covered decks are considered additions to existing dwellings and are subject to Land Use Bylaw requirements governing houses. Decks less than 0.6 m above finished grade may be built to the interior side property line.

Application Checklist

To receive a timely decision on your application, please ensure that your application is clear, legible and accurate. If any part of your application is missing, unreadable or inaccurate, your application will be deemed incomplete, and a decision will not be rendered.

Your application must include

  1. Complete application form
  2. Fees = $155.50, including:
    • Development permit - $72.00
    • Building permit deposit - $79.00
    • Safety Codes Council fee - $4.50
  3. Two (2) copies of a site plan in metric (minimum scale 1:100) showing:
    1. Easements
    2. Utility rights-of-way
    3. Foundation outline of dwelling with the proposed deck outlined including existing cantilevers, decks, and other necessary structures
    4. dimensions of the deck
    5. height of the deck
  4. Two (2) copies of elevation drawings (minimum scale 1:100) showing:
    1. the exterior of the proposed deck including railings, stairs and finishing materials, such as wood
    2. dimensioned height from grade on all elevations

* Please note that these rates may change without notice

Each site plan or elevation plan should include the address, legal description, and contact information.

The development authority may require additional material necessary to properly evaluate the proposed development (stated in Section 3.3 of the City of St. Albert Land Use Bylaw 9/2005). In most cases, an application is deemed complete if the material outlined is provided.


Planning Applications & Forms

Applying for a Building Permit

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Last edited: January 5, 2021