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If you are preparing to build or install a hot tub, swimming pool or decorative pond, there are land use and building regulations you need to follow. Also, you may have a Restrictive Covenant registered on your Certificate of Title that prohibits pools, hot tubs or ponds. Unfortunately, many homeowners install such structures without the required permits. If you try to sell your house and do not have a permit, you will need as-built development and building permits, which are more expensive. Following these regulations will help you get things off to a good start.

Any structure that contains more than 600 millimetres (24 inches) of water is classified under the same regulations as a swimming pool in the Alberta Building Code. As a result, both development and building permits are required.

Swimming pools, hot tubs, and equipment buildings must be at least one metre from property lines, cannot be located in a front yard and must be enclosed by fences equipped with locking gates. Locking covers for hot tubs may be substituted provided the cover has the strength to support an adult and is complete with a lockable device that prevents access to the water. The cover must remain in place and be locked at all times when the hot tub is not in use. A decorative pond that is less than 600 mm in depth may be located in a front yard.

Hot tubs, decorative ponds and swimming pools on residential properties are the responsibility of the property owner, must be located within your property boundaries, and must comply with the Land Use Bylaw and the Alberta Building Code.

Application Checklist

To receive a timely decision on your application, please ensure that your application is clear, legible and accurate. If any part of your application is missing, unreadable or inaccurate, your application will be deemed incomplete, and a decision will not be rendered.

Your application must include

  1. Complete application form
  2. Fees = $155.50, including:
    • Development permit - $72.00
    • Building Permit Deposit - $79.00
    • Safety Code Fee - $4.50
  3. Covenants, easements or city caveats registered on the title(s)
  4. Two (2) copies of site plans in metric (minimum scale 1:100) showing:
    1. Adjacent city streets, sidewalks, pathways, dimensioned from property lines;
    2. Easements;
    3. Utility rights-of-way;
    4. The foundation outline of the proposed hot tub or swimming pool and equipment buildings including distances from building and property lines;
    5. Outline of the dwelling with any garages, carports or other accessory garden sheds, preferably with complete dimensions.

Please be advised that the development authority may require additional material considered necessary to properly evaluate the proposed development (as stated in Section 3.3 of the City of St. Albert Land Use Bylaw 9/2005). In most cases, an application is deemed complete if the material outlined above is provided.

Planning Applications & Forms

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Last edited: January 5, 2021