Dog Licences

Required for dogs that are six months or older

All dogs six months or older residing in St. Albert for more than 14 days must be licensed. Licensing your dog is easy and identifies you as your pet's owner, providing peace of mind should they go missing. If he or she becomes lost, it will be easy to reunite you with your dog.

Unless you are going to breed or show your dog, it is advisable to have it spayed or neutered. The City offers discounted licensing for spayed and neutered dogs.

St. Albert's Municipal Enforcement Service investigates and enforces violations of the Animal Bylaw as outlined in Animal Bylaw 11/2013.

Purchasing a Licence

Licence your dog online

Owners can register their dogs and pay for licences online through St. Albert's MyCity service. All major credit cards are accepted.

Launch MyCity

See Managing Dog Licences for specific instructions.


You can now purchase a dog licence in person. The RCMP Detachment is open by appointment only, please call 780-458-4315 to pre-book. 

Renewing a Licence

We mail/email Dog Licence Renewals by mid-December. If you do not receive your notice by the first week of January or have moved within the last year, please contact Municipal Enforcement by phone (780-418-6644) or email ( to update your contact information. We’ll then send a renewal notice to your correct address. Note that you can sign up for e-billing through MyCity and have your renewal notices sent to your inbox!


When paying online or through the City website or your bank, ensure that you reference the 5-digit account number from your renewal notice and not the number displayed on your dog's tag.

  1. City Website - Secure online payments
    See Managing Dog Licences for specific renewal instructions.
  2. Online Banking - Use the payee name "City of St. Albert Dog Licence" (the phrasing may vary by bank)


You can now renew your dog licence in person.

  • The RCMP Detachment is open by appointment only, please call 780-458-4315 to pre-book. 
  • St. Albert Place (City Hall) main floor front counter services are available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., closed for holidays.

Licensing Fees

Licensing periods run from January to December of each year, and licences are non-refundable as per Section 11 of the Animal Bylaw.

$10 from every licence helps pay for dog-friendly parks.

Spayed or Neutered
(over the age of six months)
Not Spayed or Neutered
(over the age of six months)
Replacement Tags
(available for purchase online)
Dog in Temporary Foster Care
(see below for exemption details) (tag required)
Guide or Service Dog
(see below for exemption details) (tag required)

See Managing Dog Licences for how to change your dog's spayed/neutered status or order replacement tags online.

After September 30

If you become an owner of, or a new resident with, a dog over the age of six months after September 30, you will pay the following fees:

Spayed or Neutered $19.00/year
Not Spayed or Neutered $35.50/year

Late Fees

Licences renewed after January 31 will be subject to a late fee:

Spayed or Neutered $14.00/dog
Not Spayed or Neutered $30.50/dog

Foster, Guide & Service Dogs

The City of St. Albert does not charge a licensing fee for foster, guide or service dogs. However, the caretaker/owner must apply for an exemption.

To consider dogs “in temporary foster care” for an exemption, the City requires a completed Foster Dog Application Form endorsed by an Animal Rescue Agency/Shelter every year.

For guide or service dogs to receive an exemption, a Guide/Service Dog Application Form must be completed and submitted every year. To learn more about service dogs and to access valuable provincial resources, please consult the Government of Alberta website.

It may take us 2 weeks to review your application and mail your dog’s tag, assuming we don’t have questions.

Updating Account Information

Remember to contact Municipal Enforcement if any information for the account changes. Examples include the rehoming or passing of a dog, or the owner moving to a new address.


Dog Licensing: 780-418-6644 or
24-hour Complaint Line: 780-458-7700
General Inquiries: 780-418-6643

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Last edited: July 13, 2021