Fire Key Lock Box

How Does Fire Services Access a Building during an Emergency? 

The National Fire Code, Alberta Edition, requires the installation of a key lockbox. This key lockbox allows Fire Services to access buildings with fire protection equipment during an emergency. 

As of January 1, 2022, the KnoxBox is the only approved key lockbox to be used in the City of St. Albert. Business owners who operate out of a building that requires a key lockbox will be responsible for installing a commercial KnoxBox (Model 3200). 

As part of a regional collaboration, surrounding municipalities will also be implementing the KnoxBox system within their jurisdiction. Municipalities using the KnoxBox include the City of Edmonton, City of Spruce Grove, City of Leduc, City of Fort Saskatchewan, Parkland County and Strathcona County. 

How to Order a Knox Box

If your building has fire protective equipment and/or you have been directed by St. Albert Fire Services to purchase a KnoxBox, please follow the below steps or download the ordering instructions.

  1. Go to the KnoxBox website: 
  2. Click on the “Buy” link, located in the top right corner. 
  3. Search your location “Alberta” and your local fire department “St Albert Fire Svcs”. 
  4. St Albert Fire Svcs’ will appear. Click on “Select”. 
  5. Click on “Commercial KnoxBoxes” 
  6. Click to view the “KnoxBox 3200”. 
    • Standard Capacity Model: KLS-3261. 
  7. Choose tamper switch type: 
    • None 
      • St. Albert Fire Services will conduct, for any tamper switch type, an audit trail when the KnoxBox is accessed using the Knox E-Key system. 
    • Fire Alarm / Panel 
      • The buildings fire alarm panel will be notified when the KnoxBox is accessed. The box must be connected to the buildings fire alarm system by a certified electrician who is qualified to work with fire alarm systems. 
    • Security Alarm 
      • The buildings security alarm will be notified when the KnoxBox is accessed. It must be connected to the buildings security alarm system by a certified electrician. 
  8. Choose mount type: 
    • Recessed Mount  
      • The KnoxBox will be installed within the buildings wall. So, a Recessed Mounting Kit must be purchased. 
    • Surface Mount 
      • The KnoxBox will be installed on the buildings wall. 
  9. Click on “Add to cart”  
  10. Compete the installation address. 
  11. Click on “Submit” 
  12. Login into your shopping cart by registering as a “New Customer”. 
  13. Review your shopping cart, once complete click on “Checkout”. 
  14. Complete your billing information, confirm your shipping address and complete your order. 

For order support, contact the Knox Company: 

Installing the KnoxBox

  • St. Albert Fire Services strongly recommend contracting a Licenced Professional Locksmith to install the KnoxBox. 
  • The KnoxBox must be installed as per manufactures instructions. 
  • The KnoxBox must be installed adjacent to the principal entrance. 
    • Contact St. Albert Fire Services, Fire Prevention Branch for specific install location. 
  • The KnoxBox must be installed so the top of the box is no higher than 1.8m / 6ft from the ground surface.
  • Alterations or deviations will result in re-installation at the owner’s expense. 
  • After the KnoxBox has been installed, contact St. Albert Fire Services to have the required keys placed and locked within the key box. 

For more information, contact St. Albert Fire Services at: 

Phone: 780-418-6069  

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Last edited: February 28, 2022