Mobile Cooking Operations

What is a Mobile Cooking Operation? 

A Mobile Cooking Operation (MCO) is a vehicle or temporary concession site that is used to cook, sell or distribute food. The following is a sampling of units that would qualify as an MCO: 

  • Food truck 
  • Chip truck 
  • Doughnut Shack 
  • Hot Dog Cart 
  • Burger Wagon 

The MCO may utilize electricity, wood, charcoal, propane or natural gas as energy for cooking. To power lights, fans and cooling equipment they may use on-site generated or supplied electricity.  

More information on how to safely set up and operate an MCO may be found on the Municipal Affairs website

What Do I Need to Operate a Mobile Cooking Operation? 

St. Albert Fire Services and the City of St. Albert Inspections Branch require all MCOs to annually verify conformance to the Safety Codes Act, prior to operating within the City.  

Fill out the Application Form 

Complete the application form and submit it to

  • If you have City of Edmonton inspection approval, submit proof with your application.
  • If you do not have City of Edmonton inspection approval, your operation requires an inspection.

How to Book an Inspection 


The City of St. Albert will be conducting a Food Truck Inspection Roundup in 2023.
Date: To be determined
Time: To be determined
Location: To be determined
Details: To register for the food truck inspection roundup, complete and submit the MCO application form. Indicate within your application email that you will be attending the inspection roundup. The day of the roundup, bring your MCO and prepare for the inspection. Ensure all fire protection and safety equipment has been serviced for the 2023 season. See Inspection Fee information below for further details regarding inspection fee and permit issuance. 

Inspection Fee 

The Inspections Branch and Fire Services must complete an inspection prior to the issuance of a permit. A $125.00 fee will be charged for any operation requiring an inspection. Vendors will be invoiced via mail or email after the completion of an inspection. Permits will be granted after payment has been received.  

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Last edited: October 24, 2022