Pop Ups and Patios

At the June 1, 2020 Council meeting, Council approved Bylaw 30/2020, being amendment 15 to Traffic Bylaw 18/2005. The amendment established a temporary, streamlined permitting process enabling businesses to set up minor patios and sidewalk retail pop-ups on City-owned land. The businesses were required to provide proof of insurance and an indemnity to the City as part of the permitting process.

  • The streamlined permitting process for minor patios and retail pop-ups was a temporary measure in place until October 15, 2020.
  • The process was available to any business in downtown St. Albert and permitted unfenced minor patios and retail pop-ups abutting right up to store-fronts.
  • No alcohol sales were permitted.
  • There were no fees for permits.
  • This was not done on a cost-sharing basis; therefore, any costs incurred for the set-up of a minor patio or sidewalk retail pop-up were borne fully by the businesses themselves.
  • Administration started accepting applications on June 2, 2020.

Note: At the Council meeting on July 6, 2020, Council approved a motion waiving the Development Permit application fee for all temporary patios on private property. The fee was $0 until December 31, 2020.

For those businesses interested in pursuing the installation of a temporary patio on private property, they were required to obtain the necessary permit(s), and comply with the provisions of Land Use Bylaw 9/2005.

You can find more information on the Development Applications and Forms page.

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Last edited: January 18, 2021