Information Requests and Record Searches

If you are looking for un-redacted information relating to yourself, your property or a client’s property you must provide the following: 

  • Signed authorization confirming your client has given you authority to act on their behalf (if applicable); and 
  • A current copy of the Alberta Land Titles Certificate, from within the last three months, confirming you or your client’s ownership of the property relating to the request. 

If the above is not provided the records requested may be subject to non-disclosure and/or may be redacted as required. All other personal information will be removed. 

Fire Services Records 

Please note: Health Information Records, as defined in the Health Information Act, that are in the custody or under the control of the City of St. Albert are not included under this portfolio. 

Contact information for records relating to Emergency Medical Services or Alberta Health Services: 
Phone: 403-955-9662
Address: Emergency Medical Services, Alberta Health Services,
Attn: Records Management, 70, 2626 Country Hills Blvd NE, Calgary, AB T3N 1A7 Canada

Record SearchPurposePrice
Fire Investigation Summary/Cause of Origin ReportProvides a detailed origin/cause report tied to a specific event$250.00
General File Search or Summary ReportProvides a summary of multiple events over a specific timeframe$125.00 for up to two hours of research and then $35.00 per subsequent half-hour
Digital PhotosProvides investigation photos from a specific event$50.00 for five photos, and then $5.00 for each additional photograph.

Records which may be requested from Fire Services include the following: 

  • Fire Prevention Inspection Reports 
  • Fire Investigation Summary Report 
  • Detailed Fire Incident Reports 
  • Fire Incident Investigations/Cause and Origin Reports 
  • Fire Investigation Photos 

Make a request for Fire Services records


Planning and Development Records 

Record SearchPrice

General File Search

$150.00 file review fee.
(Generally 1 Hour)

Extended File Search
(For subsequent hours after the initial General File Search)

(Applies to Commercial, Institutional, Industrial, Multi-Family, Condominium and Townhouse projects)

Records which may be requested from Planning and Development include the following: 

  • Building:
    • Building Permits
    • Electrical Permits
    • Mechanical Permits
  • Development:
    • Development Permits
    • Real Property Reports
    • Compliance records

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Environment Records 

Record SearchPrice
General File Search  $125.00 for up to two hours, subsequent hours spent on the search is billed at a rate of $35.00 per 0.5 hours. 

Records which may be requested from Environment include the following:

  • General file search and recently completed requests history 
  • Presence of Landfills, Oil and Gas Wells, or other constraints 
  • Known Contaminated Site 
  • Environmental Releases/Reported Spills
  • Records which may be requested from Environment do not include Geotechnical Reports

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Requests under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act 

For all other information requests:

Submit a request under the FOIP Act


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Last edited: December 21, 2023