It Starts with Me

What can I do in my community to be more inclusive?

  1. Watch the St. Albert It Starts with Me whiteboard animations. Share them with your family, friends, co-workers and neighbours. Discuss your thoughts. Ask respectful questions.  Learn more.
  2. A common language can help us avoid confusion and misunderstanding. Here are some Terms to Get Started.
  3. Read the Snapshots of Groups at Risk of Exclusion in our community. Each snapshot has a Reads with books available from the St. Albert Public Library.
  4. Think about the people you interact with every day; at work, at school, at play and in your neighbourhood and ask:
    • Who is not included?
    • Why are they excluded?
    • What can I do differently to ensure inclusion in my community?
  5. Help us expand the conversation. Invite Community & Social Development to your club, gathering or organization for a workshop or discussion on being a Welcoming & Inclusive Community.
  6. Indicate your preferred gender pronouns in your email signature lines. (ie. Preferred pronouns: she/her or he/him).

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Last edited: March 6, 2020