Community Intake Counsellor

What are the services and supports available?

Community & Support Services provides direct support through information and referral, initial assessment and consultation, and outsources links to community resources and advocacy for ages 15-24.

The Community Intake Counsellor uses a holistic approach that incorporates community and natural supports. The support provided can vary significantly depending on the person’s goals.

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Photo of two young women sitting in chairs looking towards a counsellor

The Community Intake Counsellor

  • Helps people set goals and revises the plan to achieve them. 
  • Provides information and support regarding healthy relationships.
  • Provides referrals to access mental health and addiction support when needed. 
  • Provides referrals to address funding, housing, legal issues, and cultural needs. 
  • Provides guidance on life skills such as finances, cooking and running a household.
  • Provides resources, information, and guidance regarding education and employment. 
  • Helps young families assess their basic needs and how to meet them.
  • Connects people with community programs to participate in.
  • Provides information on volunteer and recreational opportunities.
  • Provides advice and resources related to job searches and resume building.
  • Provides information and resources to address stress management and coping strategies.

The services we offer are not limited to the list above and can be adjusted to fit the needs of each individual. All services are confidential, private and free.

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Last edited: January 21, 2021