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City of St.Albert

Asset Building Ideas

Asset building is happening all around St. Albert. Whether you're a parent, teacher, coach or teenager, everyone can build assets in St. Albert's youth! Take note of the following ideas and be a part of the sum of success for youth.

Frequently Asked Questions
Parents, Guardians & Families

Being a parent or guardian can be very hard work. There are probably lots of asset-building things you already do, even if you don’t call them that. Here are some ways to be intentional about asset building.

Coaches, Recreation Staff & Extracuricular Activity Leaders

Many youth learn from and are supported by a coach or extra-curricular leader. While asset building is likely to happen naturally, here are some things you can do to ensure your relationship is an asset building one.


All educators, support staff, school bus drivers and early childhood educators have the potential to be powerful asset builders. Whether your contact is daily or once in a while, there are steps you can take to build assets. 

Business Owners

Building assets in the youth you employ not only gives them essential skills but also makes them well rounded, competent people. You benefit by having healthy, competent workers. Here are some ways to build assets in your employees.

Faith Leaders

All communities of faith are in a unique position to not only nurture and support the faith and spiritual development of young people but also to build Developmental Assets. Here are some asset-building tips for faith based organizations.


You can make a difference for yourself and your peers by learning about building the Developmental Assets. Here are ideas on how to get started as an asset builder as well as a link to the BAM (Building Assets and Memories) website.

Monthly Asset Newsletters

Get more in-depth ideas and explore how you can use Developmental Assets in your everyday life.

Last edited: July 12, 2019

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