Community Services Volunteering

We believe a community’s most valuable assets are its people. We believe all people are valuable and we value all people and their capabilities. We believe working together allows us to contribute to our community which in turn is linked to positive outcomes for individuals, families and our community. We believe that programs provided to citizens should help people help themselves. We believe that programs should enhance community connectedness and inclusiveness.

Our work touches the daily lives of residents from birth to the golden years – all ages and all walks of life. We respond to serious social issues primarily through prevention, education and awareness. We run a very wide range of programs to ensure St. Albert has the best quality of life possible. 

Volunteers are an integral component of the services provided by Community & Social Development and shall be recognized and supported for the vital role they play in the delivery of programs and services. Volunteers enrich programs through their participation and the addition of valuable skills and talents.

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Last edited: November 29, 2019