Asset 101

Become a leader

The 40 Developmental Assets are a framework developed by the Search Institute that describe the values, qualities, and experiences that young people need in their lives to become caring, competent, responsible adults. When young people have more of the Developmental Assets in their lives, they are more likely to succeed in school, show leadership, take care of their health and value diversity.

Positive youth development is critical to a healthy and prosperous community and the City of St. Albert is committed to creating an asset rich environment for all youth in our community. Assets are built through caring, positive relationships with all adults in a child’s life.  You may already be building assets without knowing!

Asset 101 is a one-hour introductory course open to youth groups, coaches, businesses, community organizations and anyone who is interested in becoming a leader in asset building. In this course you will learn more about the 40 Developmental Assets and how to put them into practice.

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Last edited: October 19, 2020