Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicle (EV) drivers can now plug into over 20 City-run electric vehicle charging stations throughout St. Albert at the following locations: 

Charging Station Location# of Charging Stations# of ChargersCharging Network
Servus Credit Union Place (400 Campbell Rd)88FLO
St. Albert Place (5 St. Anne St)66FLO
Fountain Park Recreation Centre (4 Cunningham Road)66FLO
Nakî Transit Centre & Park and Ride (15520 Campbell Road)44FLO
Fire Hall 1 (20 Gate Ave)12ChargePoint
St. Albert Business Centre (29 Sir Winston Churchill Ave)11Non-Networked

All facilities feature level 2 electric vehicle charging stations to better serve residents and visitors looking to commute in electric style.

A level 2 charging station uses a 240-volt plug to quickly charge an electric vehicle (EV). These charging stations can fully charge an EV in five to ten hours (or 30-90 km/hour). This style of charger utilizes a standard connector (SAE J1772 plug). Level 2 charging stations deliver more power than a level 1 charger, charging an EV battery much quicker.

Power sharing is in place at some locations. Drivers may notice reduced charging speeds during times of peak demand. 

Interested residents can use these locations as well as Plugshare and ChargeHub to find current charging locations in St. Albert.

Image of a charging station located outside St Albert Place

image of a charging station located outside Fire Hall 1


All City-run EV chargers will be pay-for-use and will charge $1.50 per hour of charging except for the station behind St. Albert Business Centre which is currently free to charge.

Rates and charging rules will be reviewed periodically.

Getting Started

For the simplest experience, visit FLO or ChargePoint to set up an account. Both memberships can be used at all City-owned networked charging stations.

An account is not necessary to use the charging station at St. Albert Business Centre. 


  • If a charging station appears to be damaged in any way, please contact the City of St. Albert via the Spruce it Up app  
  • If there is a technical issue with the FLO charging station, please contact FLO support at 1-855-543-8356 or online
  • If there is a technical issue with a ChargePoint charging station, please contact ChargePoint support at 1-888-758-4389 or online

The City of St. Albert successfully applied for funding through the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre’s (MCCAC) Electric Vehicle Charging Program (EVCP) to fund the new charging stations located at St. Albert Place, Naki Transit Station and Servus Credit Union Place. The Action Centre is a partnership between the Alberta Municipalities, Rural Municipalities of Alberta and the Government of Alberta. Learn more about the Action Centre

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Last edited: September 11, 2023