Home Energy Efficiency Grant

St. Albert’s Home Energy Efficiency Grant provides financial incentives to St. Albert homeowners who invest in improving the energy efficiency of their homes. The Home Energy Efficiency Grant is offered on a first come, first served basis. Approximately $40,000 in funds are budgeted to allocate in grants each year until December 2025. 

This program is administered by Summerhill in partnership with the City of St. Albert. Summerhill has over 25 years experience in empowering over 1.6 million customers through energy efficiency programs and engagements.  

Residents can now invest in their home’s future and help protect the environment by applying for a Home Energy Efficiency Grant that allows them to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and put money back in their pockets!  

Applications are currently being accepted

To get started on your application today, please follow through the participant journey

Grant Categories 

Eligible upgrades include the following categories:   

  • Insulation upgrades   
  • Air sealing improvements   
  • Window upgrades   
  • Water heating upgrades, including drain water heat recovery and efficient water heating   
  • Space heating upgrades, including heat recovery ventilators, smart thermostats, air source heat pumps and high efficiency furnaces 

Participant Journey 

Participant Journey numbered step 1 to 5 graphic

Participation in St. Albert’s Home Energy Efficiency Grant program is a multi-step process whereby homeowners engage with the program multiple times during their retrofit journey. 

step 1 graphic

  • If you already have a version 15 EnerGuide Evaluation for your home (on or after April 1, 2020), continue to Step 2. 
  • If you do not have an EnerGuide Energy Evaluation, choose an energy advisor and schedule your Home Energy Evaluation. 
  • It is recommended to get quotes from 2-3 companies as rates may vary. 
  • Your energy advisor will assess your home from top to bottom and work with you to determine which energy efficiency upgrades work best for your home. 

step 2 graphic

step 3 graphic

  • Learn about the energy systems in your home, research the recommendations from your EnerGuide report and plan your energy retrofits. 
  • When making plans, be sure to reference the Eligible Products and Services List to confirm equipment eligibility. If hiring a contractor, ensure that the products they choose meet eligibility criteria. 
  • Learn what supporting documentation will be required and (if applicable) confirm that your contractor can help provide these for you. 
  • Hire a contractor or complete upgrades yourself (if eligible for DIY) indicated in the Eligible Upgrade and Products List. It is recommended that you get multiple quotes, retain all receipts, and collect necessary photos/documentation. 

step 4 graphic

  • Submit your energy retrofits through the: 

Grant Application Form

*Please note, you will need your EnerGuide file number in addition to detailed documentation of your energy efficiency upgrades to complete the application form. For details, see the Eligible Products & Services List 

step 5 graphic

  • Once all renovations are complete, you are encouraged to call your energy advisor for a post-retrofit EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluation. This will update your EnerGuide label to reflect your home upgrades. 
  • A post-retrofit EnerGuide home energy evaluation will be required for air sealing upgrades. 

Final Step

All grant funds will be in Canadian dollars, paid by cheque, to the Participant, and mailed to  the recorded address on the Application, as may be subsequently updated by the Participant.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the program? Please refer to the FAQ's webpage

Last edited: August 10, 2023