Greenhouse Gas Reduction Tips

We can all do our part to reduce St. Albert’s impact on climate change. The City has committed to reducing GHG emissions through the targets in the Environmental Master Plan and the implementation of a Local Action Plan.

You can act in your daily life with these 10 tips to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions: 

  1. Invest in renewable energy with a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. Energy Efficiency Alberta makes it easy to install solar PV systems by providing financial incentives. Alternatively, consider purchasing green power. There are many energy marketers in Alberta offering green options, and Green Alberta Energy can help you decide.
  2.  Upgrade your home building envelope by updating roof insulation, windows and seals around vents, doors, etc. 
  3. Shorten your commute by working and playing close to where you live. Easier said than done, so when you can: take public transit, ride a bike, carpool, switch to a hybrid vehicle and fly less (or if you fly, offset your emissions). 
  4. Initiate small energy use habits around the home:
    • Change to energy-efficient light bulbs;
    • Unplug computers, TVs, and other electronics;
    • Wash clothes in cold water; and
    • Install a programable thermostat - set the thermostat to 17-21 degrees Celsius. 
  5. Get a home audit to realize energy savings with the Energy Efficiency Alberta Home Energy Evaluation program and receive a $300 rebate or borrow the City's Home Energy Assessment Toolkit from the Library. 
  6. Reduce waste and consume less by following the City of St. Albert's waste reduction tips
  7. Be Idle-Free. St. Albert's Idle-Free Bylaw limits the idling of parked vehicles to 3 minutes at any time, so after 3, be idle-free! Care about air and be aware of your idling.
  8. Reduce water consumption by using efficient appliances and fixtures. The City's Water Conservation Bylaw requires low-flow fixtures in any new developments in addition to outdoor daytime sprinkler use guidelines.
  9. Calculate your carbon footprint to know where you can make the most difference.
  10.  Be an environment steward - learn about the many programs residents can participate in to support the environment. 

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Last edited: November 21, 2023