Natural Areas

Natural areas account for over one-third of our city's total park area and include wetlands, watercourses, ravines, forests, riparian areas, and grasslands. The protection and preservation of these areas are important for the diversity and connection of the city's natural system.   

Natural Area Assessment

The Natural Area Assessment provides a detailed inventory of the City's natural areas and how they have changed since the last inventories completed in 1999 and 2007. 

A natural area is defined as "an area of naturally occuring surface water and/or land that is dominated by native plant species and subject to natural processess that result in natural occuring vegetation patterns."

Examples of natural areas in St. Albert

  • Treed areas such as Grey Nuns White Spruce Park or Forest Lawn Ravine.
  • Riparian areas adjacent to the Sturgeon River with cattails, grasses and willows.
  • Wetlands adjacent to Big Lake such as the John. E. Poole Wetland and boardwalk. 

Natural Area Assessment - 2015 Update (10 MB)

Natural Area Conservation  and Management Plan

The Natural Area Assessment provides the foundation for the Natural Area Conservation and Management Plan, which outlines best management practices on how we manage existing protected natural areas and how we conserve new natural areas as the City develops. 

Natural Area Conservation and Management Plan (6 MB)

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Last edited: March 9, 2020