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City of St.Albert
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Clean Air Day

Clean Air Day takes place on the first Wednesday of June each year and is part of Environment Week celebrations. Each year on Clean Air Day we raise awareness of environmentally-friendly activities that promote clean air and good health.

Did You Know?

  • People who travel by public transit create 65% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than if they travel by car.
  • One bus on the road is equal to taking approximately 40 cars off the road.
  • Trees add oxygen to our air.  Overall St. Albert’s tree canopy covers over 10% of the city. 
  • St. Albert’s Idle-Free Bylaw prevents vehicles from idling for more than three minutes in a 30-minute period when the temperature is between 0 degrees and 30 degrees.
  • Council approved three recommendations on the future northwest Light Rail Transit (LRT) for collaboration with the City of Edmonton: the Northwest LRT Functional Alignment Study; land acquisition in the Transportation Utility Corridor; and fare integration.
  • St. Albert launched NextBus and Google Transit, two online tools that provide transit users with real-time information and quick and easy trip planning
  • Transit has bike racks on the front of their buses!

Walk, bike or ride transit on Clean Air Day and everyday!

Last edited: July 19, 2017

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