Earth Hour

Saturday, March 28, 2020
8:30 - 9:30 p.m. local time worldwide

Get Involved with Earth Hour in St. Albert 

Shut off your lights for a minimum of 1 hour, starting at 8:30 p.m. on March 30. Encourage others to join in and try no electricity for an hour! Use #stalbertearthhour and show us how you are celebrating Earth Hour in St. Albert. 

What is Earth Hour? 

Earth Hour is a worldwide grassroots movement promoted by WWF to unite people to take action for the planet. Engaging a massive mainstream community on a broad range of environmental issues, Earth Hour was famously started as a lights-off event in Sydney, Australia, in 2007. Since then, it has grown to engage hundreds of millions of supporters, individuals and organizations alike, in more than 7,000 cities and towns in over 172 countries and territories worldwide.

Why Get Involved?

Taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change is identified in the City of St. Albert Environmental Master Plan (EMP) as a priority issue area. Our goal to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions has two target areas:

  1. Achieve a 20% reduction of total corporate greenhouse gas emissions from 2008 levels by 2020
  2. Achieve 6% reduction of total community greenhouse gas emissions from 2008 levels by 2020

To reduce energy consumption

  • Turn off your lights whenever you leave the room.
  • Unplug your phone chargers, computers and other electronics when not in use as they continue to use electricity. Seventy-five per cent of the electricity used to power electronics is used while they are turned off but still plugged in. Use a power bar that can be easily shut off.
  • Unplug seldom-used appliances.
  • Run your dishwasher only once it’s full and air-dry the dishes once the washing cycle is done.
  • Use a microwave or toaster oven to cook or warm leftovers. You can save up to 30 per cent of the energy required to cook in a conventional oven. 

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Last edited: September 4, 2020