Climate Adaptation Plan

In January 2022, the City of St. Albert participated in the Climate Adaptation Challenge. This program was developed to help municipalities across Alberta build resilience against the expected local effects of climate change. In collaboration with our partners from the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre and All One Sky Foundation, City staff and members from the Environmental Advisory Committee participated in a Climate Change Vulnerability and Risk Assessment. This assessment identified six priority climate risks and two priority opportunities, actions to address these risks and opportunities are highlighted in this plan.

The Climate Adaptation Plan 

Climate adaptation has been identified as a priority through the development of St. Albert’s Municipal Development Plan. The Climate Adaptation Plan will be a proactive guide to incorporate actions into policies to reduce the City’s exposure to climate risks, lower social costs and improve economic viability of St. Albert over the long term.

Thank you to our partners!

The Climate Adaptation Challenge provided free support for Alberta municipalities to understand the local impacts of climate change and to address the forecasted changes. This program was delivered by All One Sky Foundation and the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre, a partnership of Rural Municipalities of Alberta, Alberta Municipalities and the Government of Alberta.

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Last edited: August 19, 2022