Environmental Master Plan

Plan Summary

The Environmental Master Plan (EMP) is a long-term community plan that identifies, prioritizes and sets specific goals and targets for key environmental issues for the City and the community. It is the basis for the City’s future environmental plans and initiatives.

Environmental Master Plan

In May 2014, St. Albert City Council approved the updated Environmental Master Plan. The plan's nine goals and 21 targets were identified through consultation with the public, the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) and City staff. 

The City shares its progress and achievement on its goals, through the annual Report on the Environment

Plan Review 

The City of St. Albert updates the EMP on a five-year basis to ensure that changing trends, conditions, and the state of the environment are accurately captured and represented within the document on an ongoing basis. The EMP aligns with other St. Albert long term plans and as such the next review of the EMP will occur in 2021 when the Muncipal Development Plan: Flourish to 100k is complete.

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Last edited: February 14, 2023