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City of St.Albert
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Water Management

As an essential component of the City's integrated approach to environmental management, the Environmental Master Plan (EMP) is a long-term plan to improve environmental performance and achieve tangible environmental outcomes for both the City and the community. The EMP has established nine long term goals, three of which relate to water.

Goal #6: Protect and Improve the Sturgeon River Watershed


  • Create watershed group by 2015
  • Complete a watershed management plan by 2020

Goal #7: Improve Water Quality of the Sturgeon River


  • Reduce nutrients, pesticides and bacteria levels detected in the Sturgeon River by 2020 as measured by future River Water Quality Index
  • Capture 75% or greater of municipal winter sanding material by 2020
  • Reduce municipal pesticide use to 0.25 kg of active ingredient (ai) per hectare or lower by 2020
  • Reduce residential pesticide use to 0.5 kg of active ingredient (ai) per hectare or lower by 2020

Goal #8: Reduce Water Consumption

TARGET: Reduce total water consumption to 200 litres or less per person per day by 2020

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