Fire Bans

To view a list of declared fire bans or restrictions across the province, please visit Alberta Fire Bans.

When a Fire Ban is Issued

When a fire ban is issued in St. Albert, the City will ensure the following steps are taken to inform residents immediately:

  • Information will be sent to the local paper
  • Information will be posted on the City website
  • Posts will go out on the City of St. Albert’s Facebook and Twitter channels

There are also many steps residents can take to protect their homes and properties from fire. For fire prevention tips for your backyard, please visit our Outside Fire Safety page.

How is a Fire Ban Determined?

During hot, dry weather, fire bans can be issued by the Province or by specific municipalities.

Each municipality is independent and can determine whether their area is at a particular risk for fire. Just because one municipality issues a fire ban, doesn’t mean that all will.

Historically, St. Albert’s green and wooded areas don’t pose a significant fire threat as the areas are primarily buffered by development and can be easily accessed using fire hydrants or the Fire Department’s UTV (Polaris 6x6).

As well, specific regulations that are implemented year-round help ensure St. Albert’s fire risk remains low:

  • Open fires are not allowed in St. Albert without a permit.
  • Fireworks are not allowed in the city unless you’re a pyrotechnician.
  • All recreational fire pits are regulated and inspected by the City.

For information on permitted fires and residential fire pits, please view the Fire Services Bylaw 21/2002

St. Albert Fire Services continually monitors current and forecasted weather conditions as well as the fire situation in the province. They also use the Province’s Fire Ban Matrix, which helps assess the area’s moisture levels, availability of municipal resources and weather trends to help determine if a fire ban is required in St. Albert. Fire Services is ready to act at a moment’s notice to save lives and protect property. 

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Last edited: August 17, 2021