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City of St.Albert

Outside Fire Safety

Simple Steps to Reduce Potential Fire Hazards in Your Yard:

  • Keep your yard free of debris throughout the year by raking leaves, poplar fuzz or picking up garbage
  • Move your wood pile away from your house, shed, fence, trees, fire pit or any combustible materials
  • Use your fire pit for recreational purposes only including campfires and cooking. The City of St. Albert does not permit the burning of yard refuse or garbage in fire pits. Burn clean dry wood only.
  • Rake up poplar fuzz, especially during the months of May through July, as the fuzz can ignite if it catches a spark
  • Inspect BBQ gas grills, including gas hoses, gas grill lines and propane tanks prior to use.
  • To eliminate the chance of a fire spreading beyond the barbeque, position your barbeque away from your home.
  • DO NOT extinguish cigarette butts in planters. Most planters contain peat moss which can smoulder, then ignite and cause small fires.

It’s also important to properly dispose of cigarette butts. Cigarettes flicked out of a car window or dropped in yards or trails can ignite a fire.

Residents can dispose of yard waste at the St. Albert Compost Depot on Villeneuve Road. A full list of acceptable items including branches, leaves, and grass clippings can be found on the Compost Depot page. Some of these items can also be included in your green organics cart. For a list of acceptable items, visit Curbside Organics.


To learn more, visit the following links, all of which provide you with valuable information and helpful tips on keeping your family safe.

For more information, please contact:

Fire Station No. 3
100 Giroux Road
St. Albert, AB

Phone: 780-418-6069
Fax: 780-459-7636

Last edited: July 15, 2019

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