Fire Safety Plans

Meet Fire Code Compliance

The Alberta Fire Code requires Fire Safety Plans (FSP’s) for buildings under construction and for existing facilities under certain conditions. The information and links below are intended to assist Owners and Builders in meeting Fire Code compliance.

New Homes & Small Buildings

For detached housing and buildings under construction, less than 600 m² and 3 storeys or less in height, use the Housing and Small Building Fire Safety Plan (FSP1) linked below.

FSP1 - Housing and Small Buildings Fire Safety Plan

New Larger Buildings

For buildings under construction, greater than 3 storeys or 600 m², use the general Fire Safety Plan for Buildings Under Construction (FSP2). In addition to completing the plan, submit an accurate and legible sketch of the site with the following noted:

  • Fire access routes
  • Fire Department Connection
  • Hydrants
  • Exits/Egress
  • Muster Points
  • Buildings Outline

FSP2 - Fire Safety Plan for Buildings Under Construction

Existing Facilities

Fire Safety Plans are required by the Fire Code in existing facilities which:

  • Have a fire alarm system;
  • Are considered assembly use or have a care or treatment occupancy;
  • Include storage facilities for materials covered under Part 3 of the Fire Code, including dangerous goods;
  • Include areas where flammable and combustible liquids are stored or handled; or,
  • Contain areas where hazardous processes or operations occur.

A Fire Safety Plan is designed by the building owner in co-operation with the Fire Department to identify the actions that should be taken by the occupants and building management in the event of a fire or similar emergency. Fire protection systems are also identified, with maintenance requirements noted and the documentation maintained. 

Under the Safety Codes Act, owners or other persons responsible for a property, process, or thing, are required to ensure that all regulations and requirements of the Act are met. The guiding document below lists the fire safety equipment maintenance requirements found in the Alberta Fire Code for all existing buildings. It may be used to evaluate the maintenance and documentation required for your facility's Fire Safety Plan.

Building Owner's Responsibility for Fire Safety Equipment

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Last edited: February 6, 2020