Animal Bylaw

The Animal Bylaw promotes responsible pet ownership and balances safety and enjoyment for all residents. The bylaw exists to protect people and pets.

Animal Bylaw 11/2013


Responsible Dog Ownership


  • Dogs must be on a leash that is two metres or less in length at all times, except in designated off-leash areas.
  • Dogs must be on a leash on or within one metre of trails, including trails in an off-leash area.
  • Dog owners or walkers must always carry a leash, even in off-leash areas, and show their leash to an officer if requested.

Stop and Scoop

  • Dog owners or walkers must pick up poop immediately and always carry a means of picking up after their dog.
  • Dog walkers must always be able to pick up after their dogs.
  • You are required to carry extra bags and show them if asked by an officer.
  • Failure to pick up after your pet could result in a $250 fine. 

Waste bag dispensers are located throughout the city. Take a bag? Replace it!

Determination of a Dangerous Dog

A dog’s behaviour will determine whether it is dangerous, not its breed.

Fines and Penalties

  • Dogs are not allowed in playground areas.
  • Licences for dangerous dogs will have an increased fee.

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Last edited: September 13, 2023