Physical Distancing

Together, we can slow the spread of COVID-19 by making a conscious effort to keep a physical distance between each other. Physical distancing (formerly known as social distancing) is proven to be the most effective way to reduce the spread of illness during a pandemic.

What does it mean?

According to the Government of Canada, physical distancing means keeping a distance of at least two metres (length of a hockey stick) from others at all times. This is not the same as isolation, you do not need to remain indoors, but you do need to avoid being in close contact with people.

People sharing a path while staying 2 metres apart

People walking dogs while staying 2 metres apart

Physical distancing works!

Here are some ways to practice physical distancing:

  • greet with a wave instead of a handshake, kiss or hug
  • stay at home as much as possible
  • grocery shop once per week or during non-peak times
  • try to have only one person in the household do the shopping
  • use technology to keep in touch with friends and family
  • limit contact with people at higher risk (e.g. immunocompromised, senior population)
  • follow Government of Alberta guidelines on mass gatherings

If possible,

  • use local food delivery services or shop online
  • work from home where possible

Everyone needs to practice physical distancing, even if you have:

  • no symptoms of COVID-19
  • no known risk or exposure
  • not travelled outside of Canada within the last 14 days

NOTE: Some people may transmit COVID-19 even though they do not show any symptoms. In situations where physical distancing is difficult to maintain, wearing a non-medical mask or face covering provides a barrier between your respiratory droplets and the people and surfaces around you. It may also stop you from touching your nose or mouth.

Source: Government of Canada

Physical distancing exemptions

Physical distancing does not apply to those healthy individuals who live in the same household. This means when you are healthy, and are out in public with other healthy people you currently live with, you are not required to maintain a physical distance of two metres from them.

Source: Government of Alberta – CMOH Order 07-2020

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Last edited: January 29, 2021