Public Health Measures

COVID-19 Public Health Actions 

On September 15, 2021, the Provincial Government announced new provincewide temporary health measures to help slow the spread of COVID-19. These measures came into effect in a staged manner on September 16 and 20.  

Temporary health measures relate to the following areas: 

  • Masking 
  • Sport, fitness, recreation and performance activities 
  • Restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and nightclubs 
  • Retail, entertainment and recreation facilities 
  • Social gatherings 
  • Places of worship, weddings and funerals 
  • Physical distancing, working from home, schools (K to 12) 

There is also information on the provincial Restrictions Exemption Program as well as testing, tracing and isolating.  

For details, visit the Government of Alberta’s COVID-19 Public Health Actions.  

Specific Outcomes for City of St. Albert  

On September 16, 2021, St. Albert City Council held a special Council Meeting to discuss how the new provincial measures affect St. Albert. Council moved to implement the Restrictions Exemption Program with the intent to allow vaccinated users to experience as little disruption as possible to their normal routines and activities. 

RESTRICTIONs EXEMPTION PROGRAM – Effective September 20, 2021

On September 20 the Restrictions Exemption Program was implemented at all City recreational and cultural facilities in St. Albert. 

What facilities are included in this program?

  • Servus Credit Union Place
  • Fountain Park Recreation Centre
  • Jarome Iginla/Kinex Arenas
  • The Arden Theatre
  • City Arts Space

Masks are required indoors in these facilities (with the typical exceptions included: no masking under 2 years old, participating in indoor physical activity or performance activity, consuming food, medical exception letter, etc.).

All other City-operated facilities that are public facing, including St. Albert Place, are deemed essential services as they are government offices. They are not part of the Restrictions Exemption Program. Provincial public health measures are being followed in those facilities.  

What do I need to gain entry into a recreational or cultural facility?

As of September 20, 2021, people aged 12 and over are required to show one of the following to enter a City recreational or cultural facility:  

  • Proof of vaccination (paper or digital vaccine record that shows name, vaccine type and date of administration)
    • partial vaccination (one dose) accepted September 20 to October 25 if received 2 weeks before time of service 
    • full vaccination (two doses) required after October 25 
  • Proof of a privately-paid negative PCR or rapid test within 72 hours of service (to access a privately-paid PCR or Rapid Test, please contact your nearest pharmacy or private medical lab. As per the Government of Alberta, tests from AHS or Alberta Precision Laboratories are ineligible for the program) 
  • Proof of a valid medical exemption for vaccination, which is the original signed letter from a physician or nurse practitioner that includes:
    • Person's name that matches their identification.
    • Physician’s or nurse practitioner’s complete information, including:
      • name, phone number, contact information, professional registration number and signature
      • statement that there is a medical reason for not being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (the specific reason does not need to be provided)
      • duration that the exemption is valid

Valid personal identification (birth certificate, health card, driver’s licence,  etc.) is required for adults 18+ only. For Servus Place and Fountain Park Recreation Centre your facility membership card is also valid personal identification, if it includes a photo.

Why was the Restrictions Exemption Program chosen?

By choosing the Restrictions Exemption Program for our recreational and cultural facilities, the City can continue operating with limited restrictions. This means our facilities remain open and continue to offer as many amenities as possible. 

If the City had not chosen the Restrictions Exemption Program, there would have been significant capacity and operating restrictions for our recreational and cultural activities as outlined by the Government of Alberta. This means indoor group classes and adult activities would have been cancelled and indoor competitions would have been paused except where vaccine exemptions were granted. Also capacity would have been reduced to 1/3 fire code occupancy.

The Restrictions Exemption Program provides the opportunity for as many people as possible to enjoy our facilities. 

What are the restrictions for under 18? Do youth need to provide vaccination proof?

As announced by Dr. Hinshaw on September 20, youth under 18 who are participating in a sport, recreation or performance activity will not be required to provide proof of vaccination at City recreational or cultural facilities.

Youth under 18 who are observing a sport, recreation or performance activity will be required to provide proof of vaccination at City recreational or cultural facilities.

Where can I find more information on the program?

For Restrictions Exemption Program details, visit the Government of Alberta’s COVID-19 Public Health Actions

As we launch this program, we ask St. Albertans to arrive at facilities a little earlier than normal. Please be patient with City staff as they review proper documentation.

The City thanks its residents and patrons for their ongoing cooperation as we implement the new Restrictions Exemption Program and continue to work through our response to COVID-19. 

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Last edited: September 23, 2021