Calculate Your Occupant Load

Help Our Community Stay Safe 

Effective December 13, there is a new Provincial mandatory restriction relating to businesses and services. Some businesses were asked to limit their in-person access to reduce the amount of contact between people in the community, while still allowing them to offer services.  

Reduced Capacity and Occupant Loads 

Most retail businesses may remain open with capacity limited to 15 per cent of the occupancy set under the Alberta Fire Code or a maximum of five customers. Learn more about restricted capacity and occupant load by visiting Stronger Public Health Measures page.  

What is the Approximate Restricted Capacity of my Business? 

The Government of Alberta has guidance on determining restricted capacity and occupant load.

Note: The website document currently determines capacity based on an occupant load of 25 per cent and not the 15 per cent stipulated in the announcement. Ensure you are using the permitted capacity for your operations.

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Last edited: December 10, 2020