9 PM Routine

Are you locked up and secure for the night?

Join the #9PMRoutine today and take an active role in crime prevention in your neighbourhood and community. The #9PMRoutine is a campaign used by police agencies across North America to remind citizens to protect themselves and their property.

What Do I Need to Do?

There are simple steps you can take to help prevent crime in your neighbourhood. Every night at 9 PM:

  • Remove valuables from your vehicle and ensure it’s locked, windows are closed, and if possible, your vehicle’s parked in a garage.
  • Close all garage windows and lock any garage doors, especially those leading into your house.
  • Keep your vehicle registration and insurance documents secure. The documents can be used to commit other crimes. 
  • Check and lock all house doors and shut all windows.
  • Turn on an exterior light.
  • Close and lock your fence gate.
  • Lock your shed.
  • Put away bikes and toys in your yard.
  • Park in the garage instead of the street, if possible.

Why is the routine important?

The #9PMRoutine helps prevent crimes of opportunity. Criminals are looking for unlocked vehicles or houses where they can easily steal property. Property crimes such as vehicle thefts, break and enters to homes and businesses, and thefts from parked vehicles are the most common crimes in St. Albert. By removing valuables from vehicles and locking cars and homes, you remove those easy opportunities for criminals to commit crimes and steal your property. 

The #9PMRoutine is brought to you by the St. Albert RCMP, the City of St. Albert, St. Albert Victim Services and Neighbourhood Watch.

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Last edited: May 11, 2021