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A quick response is key

Graffiti is a serious crime that impacts all residents. For property owners and taxpayers, it’s a financial burden. For communities, it can devalue their worth and leave others with a negative impression of our city. But together, we can tackle graffiti in a way that ensures St. Albert remains a safe, picturesque community that we are all proud to call home.

Did you know that leaving graffiti unattended can contribute to an increase in more serious vandalism and other crimes? Did you know that removing graffiti within 24 hours significantly reduces the chance of a recurrence to 10 per cent? A quick response is key. With this in mind, the City of St. Albert is encouraging all residents to take action against this form of vandalism.

All you have to do is record, report and remove.

Report Graffiti Located on Public Property

The City of St Albert has a reporting tool called Spruce It Up. This tool is an ideal way to report graffiti that you see on City of St. Albert property and infrastructure. Reports go directly to the Public Works department. The report will be addressed and the graffiti will be removed as soon as possible.  

Report Graffiti Located on Private Property

  • Are you are a victim of graffiti vandalism?
    Please report it to the St. Albert RCMP (at 780-458-7700) and remove it as soon as possible. There are many ways to remove graffiti from your property - if needed seek advice from professionals in the paint supply and graffiti removal service industry. Not removing graffiti from your property may constitute an offence under St. Albert’s Community Standards Bylaw.  
  • Have you noticed graffiti on private property?
    If you see graffiti on private property, that is not your own, and wish for the City of St. Albert Peace Officers to take action (pursuant to the Community Standards Bylaw) you can report it. There are two methods you can use for reporting: the City's Spruce It Up tool or the Municipal Enforcement complaint line (at 780-458-7700).

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Last edited: August 19, 2021