Safe Internet Exchange Zone

In 2021, St. Albert RCMP created a Safe Internet Exchange Zone for residents to utilize when meeting to buy and sell items online. This program helps to provide St. Albertans with a safe place in the city to do their exchanges.  

Zone Location

The St. Albert RCMP detachment parking lot does not have the capacity for this space, so an alternative location was identified. As such, the Safe Internet Exchange Zone is located in the  Servus Credit Union Place  parking lot (400 Campbell Road). It is open 24/7 and is under video surveillance. Residents are encouraged to visit the site during daytime hours.  

This is the first site of its kind in St. Albert. Similar programs have been put in place in surrounding municipalities, including Parkland County, Strathcona County and Edmonton.   


  1. Do not meet in a secluded place or invite strangers into your home. 
  2. Have someone come with you when you meet. If you cannot arrange for someone to come with you, let friends or family know where you are going, what time you're meeting, and all the details about who you are meeting. Let your contact know that everything is okay. 
  3. Do not disclose to the seller how you will be paying if it's not necessary. If the seller is aware that you will be arriving with a large quantity of cash, it is an excellent opportunity for a personal robbery to take place. 
  4. If you’re carrying a large sum of cash, either before or after the transaction, don’t make it obvious, and be careful to ensure that you’re not followed after the transaction. 
  5. Don’t purchase anything while using public Wi-Fi. Shop using your own data connection or a trusted network. If you’ve done some shopping already, watch your financial statements for any unauthorized purchases.

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Last edited: April 4, 2022