Municipal Police Service Agreement

The Municipal Police Service Agreement (MPSA) is derived from a standard form agreement between the Federal Government and a municipality that is used throughout Canada where the RCMP provides local policing in a municipality. The Agreement establishes:

  • the services the RCMP will provide in St. Albert;
  • the autonomy of the RCMP over its internal affairs;
  • a mechanism for establishing the number of RCMP officers deployed in St. Albert and recommending to Council the annual municipal budgets for RCMP policing services;
  • a method for setting policing priorities for the community, and
  • the nature of the reporting relationships between key stakeholders such as the Mayor and Council, the Officer in Charge of the St. Albert RCMP detachment, K Division and the federal RCMP Commissioner.

The Agreement was signed in April 2012 and remains in effect until March 31, 2032, unless terminated by either party on 24 months' notice.

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Last edited: September 1, 2020