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City of St.Albert
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Point Pause Proceed

A City of St. Albert and CRISP Safety Initiative

Safety is a shared responsibility between pedestrians and drivers! Our goal is to have ZERO pedestrian-related collisions.

Every day, one pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle in the Capital Region. These collisions almost always result in injury, which can be serious and sometimes fatal.

Approximately 60 per cent of pedestrian collisions happen in crosswalks. It’s a mistake for pedestrians to assume that just because they are in a crosswalk, they are safe.  


  • Approach the curb.
  • Extend your arm straight out in front of your body pointing in the direction you wish to cross. This tells drivers what you want to do. 


  • Wait for the traffic to stop.
  • Make eye contact with the driver. Ensure they can see you.
  • Be aware of turning vehicles. 


  • Be aware of surroundings and stay alert!
  • Do not stop.
  • Do not change direction. 


Watch for this sign!

Roadway sign:



The City of St. Albert has placed Point Pause Proceed signs at 50 non-signalized pedestrian crossings throughout the city. Signs have been prioritized, starting with school crossings and highly used community crossings, including playgrounds and school bus loading and unloading zones. Other locations will be prioritized for placement and included in future budgets.


Point Pause Proceed brochure

Statistics: Collisions involving Pedestrians

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Dean Schick
Transportation Manager
City of St. Albert

Last edited: September 17, 2018

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