Secure Your Load

Many drivers need to transport items to and from and across St. Albert. It's important to secure your load to ensure loose debris doesn't fall or blow onto the road and create a hazard for other drivers.

How to Properly Secure Your Load

  • Use ties and tarps, which can be found at most stores for usually less than $20.
  • Tie large items like mattresses, furniture and appliances directly to your vehicle.
  • Put sand, gravel and dirt in a container, keeping it 7.5cm (3 inches) below the top of the container.
  • Place lightweight items low in the box.
  • Put loose trash into a container with a lid.
  • Always double check your load to make sure it's completely secured.

If You Lose an Item During Transport

  • Safely remove litter and debris from the roadside, if possible.
  • Report the incident to St. Albert Municipal Enforcement (780-458-7700) if safe removal is not possible.

A clean and safe community is everyone’s responsibility.

City of St. Albert logo and City of Edmonton logo

The City of St. Albert is partnering with the City of Edmonton and Capital City Clean Up to help put litter in its place.

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Last edited: November 29, 2019