Traffic Safety Partnerships

The City of St. Albert is committed to having safe streets. Through a combined effort with St. Albert Engineering Services, RCMP Traffic Services, Municipal Enforcement Services and community partners, we implement the 4 "E's" of Traffic Safety:

  • Engineering - designing safe roads and traffic control devices.
  • Education - working with our partners to help educate the public.
  • Enforcement - routine, regular and targeted specific enforcement of traffic laws.
  • Evaluation - working with our partners in evaluated traffic injuries and trends to assist us in engineering, education, and enforcement.

The City engages in traffic safety activities, such as the Speed Awareness Program, Photo Radar, Red Light Camera Program, Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) and regular, routine patrols.

For more information on local initiatives or if you have a complaint or concern relating to Traffic Safety, contact:

St. Albert RCMP Traffic Services - 780-458-4300 ext. 4343
St. Albert Municipal Enforcement Service - 780-458-4300 ext. 4329
St. Albert Engineering Services - 780-459-1642

Provincial Traffic Safety

The costs to society resulting from traffic collisions are staggering. In Alberta in 2005, traffic collisions killed 466 people and caused an astounding 24,504 other non-fatal injuries. The sad truth is that these deaths and injuries could have been prevented.

Source: Saferoads

National Traffic Safety

The City of St. Albert supports the values and principles behind the National Road Safety Vision 2010.

A Road Safety Directorate was created in 1969 to ensure the Federal Government plays a significant leadership role in responding to the road safety problem in Canada. Almost 200,000 people have perished on Canadian roads in the last 50 years - a staggering figure that exceeds the total number of Canadians killed in two world wars.

Source: Transport Canada

Capital Region Intersection Safety Partnership

Illustration of billboard that says - Run a red and stop dead.

As a member of the Capital Region Intersection Safety Partnership Committee, the City of St. Albert strives to improve intersection safety.

CRISP shares resources and expertise to implement collaborative and integrated intersection safety initiatives to reduce the frequency and severity of intersection collisions in the Capital Region. CRISP targets four priorities: red light violations, pedestrian safety, speed and high crash locations.

Source: CRISP website

Partners in Road Construction Safety

Illustration of a billboard that says - Don't RIP through construction zones.

The City is also part of the Partners in Road Construction Safety (PIRCS) partnership that promotes safety in construction zones.

Formed in 2003, PIRCS is a concerned group of public and private sector organizations whose goal is to reduce collisions in road construction zones and improve driver attitudes to road and utility workers.

Source: Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction

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