Block Parties

A proud community-building tradition

Since 2008, over half of St. Albert's streets have organized events helping to build a strong sense of community, connectedness and a culture of care. In many cases, these streets have made their block party an annual staple.

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Why should we know our neighbours?

Our communities thrive when we care about each other and our neighbourhoods. Being connected to our neighbours:

Helps us feel safe

Neighbours who know each other are more likely to watch out for one another.

Boosts our health

Neighbourhoods that are safe, clean, welcoming and supportive, create healthier communities and healthier people.

Makes us happy

Communities that are open and accepting foster feelings of belonging and closeness.

Helps young people thrive

Support from caring neighbours helps youth show greater leadership, success in school, healthy behaviours and acceptance of diversity.

Builds strong communities

Neighbours who care about each other have the power to make a difference in the community when they come together.

Why Host a Block Party?

Block parties are a fun way to get to know your neighbour. Neighbours who know each other, look out for one another. This active participation in the community is a critical element in developing a caring and safe community. The City of St. Albert, Neighbourhood Watch Association of St. Albert and the St. Albert Citizen’s Patrol Society have a variety of resources to help make your party a success in the community.

6 Easy Steps to Block Party Success!

  1. Register your Block Party — The easiest way to get started is to register online at
  2. Get Permission to Block Your Street — In order for your street to close, you need permission from the City. Complete the «Permission to Block the Street» form that you will receive when you register online.
  3. Deliver Crime Prevention Flyers — Help spread the message that knowing your neighbours creates a safer community! Neighbourhood Watch and Citizen’s Patrol will provide you with crime prevention information flyers for your party. Please hand these our to your neighbours before your party. Hint: they are a great addition to your party invitations
  4. Organize your Food — Neighbourhood Watch and Citizen’s Patrol provide free hamburgers, hot dogs and buns once a year to all block parties in St. Albert. In return, block party organizers are asked to deliver crime prevention flyers to every home on their street prior to the party.
    • Please order food only for those who confirm attendance.
    • Food orders must be in by 10:00 am on the Monday prior to your party.

    Save-on-Foods Sponsorship – Save-on-Foods is supporting the Block Party program again this year by offering a 15% discount to block party organizers. This one-time discount can be used for any supplies required for your party. The letter offering this discount will be delivered to you along with the crime prevention flyers.

  5. Plan Fun Activities
    • Get Active Together – Recreation equipment is available to borrow from the City. Book your bag when you register your party.
    • Gather Around the Fire – Fire Pit Permits are required if you plan to use a portable fire device. You must have permission from the St. Albert Fire Department. The fire permit form is available through the online registration or you can call the fire department at 780-418-6069 to request a form.
    • Neighbourhood Clean-up – Engage your neighbours in keeping your neighbourhood and nearby parks clean. Contact Meghan at 780-459-1735 for supplies.
    • Friendly Police Visit – Local RCMP supports the block party initiative as an effective way to keep neighbourhoods safe. You may receive a friendly visit during your party.
  6. Pick up Your Party Supplies — The St. Albert Community Village and Food Bank assists with block parties by providing volunteers and storage space. Your party supplies will be ready for you to pick up from there on the Friday before your party. Borrowed items must be returned to the same location on the Monday following your party.

Block Party Tips

  • Send a 'Save the Date' invitation so that all your neighbours know the chosen Block Party date. Consider including requests for assistance. Your neighbours will be much more engaged if they are contributing to the party.
  • Prepare for the weather. Consider an alternate location in case of rain or inclement weather. This may be someone's garage or a party tent. It is a good idea to have a rainout date as well.
  • Have a sign-in sheet at your party to keep track of who attended and help you build a neighbourhood contact list.
  • Provide name tags to help people learn one another’s names.
  • Introduce people who are new to the neighbourhood and help them make connections with other neighbours.
  • Have activities suitable for all generations to encourage everyone to participate.
  • Invite neighbours to help with the party. For example, ask people to help with set-up/clean-up, engage youth in planning kids' activities, or ask people to bring food, chairs or other items. People like to contribute in some way and will be more engaged as a result.
  • Remember alcohol is only permitted on private property, not city streets or parks.
  • Talk to neighbours during the party about other ways you might like to connect throughout the year.
  • Join the Neighbourhood Network for more ideas on how to create a safe and caring neighbourhood.

Free Resources

When you register your Block Party, you can access lots of great resources for free:

  • Free Block Party Resources
  • Recreation equipment is available to borrow from the City. There are 10 recreation grab-bags available. These include a variety of games and equipment for use at your party. The grab-bags are available on a first come first serve basis.
  • Art and cultural activities, as available
  • Visits from Mayor and our Council members

More opportunities are added every year!

Free Food!

Neighbourhood Watch and Citizen’s Patrol will provide free hamburgers, hot dogs and buns for St. Albert Block Parties in an effort to promote safety in our community.

In return, block party organizers are asked to deliver crime prevention flyers to every home on their street prior to the party.

How to Safely Host a Block Party

Block Parties are a tradition in St. Albert and a great way to meet, reconnect and spend time with neighbours. As we seek to renew our social connections and once again host our neighbours, keep in mind that we all cope with pandemic stressors in our own way, and our experiences with COVID-19 are vastly different.

As you organize your block party, here are some tips to help you host a gathering safely and make it enjoyable for everyone:

Respect Different Approaches

Guests may have different approaches, choices, opinions and levels of comfort.

Maintain Good Hygiene Practices

Consider maintaining some of the good habits we have developed this past year. Provide a handwashing station and/or hand sanitizer at food tables.

Encourage Healthy Participation

Encourage individuals who are feeling ill to stay at home.

Be Empathic

Consider those at higher risk within your neighbourhood and plan accordingly.

Be Courteous, Patient and Kind

Discuss the size of the gathering with your neighbours. What do people feel comfortable with?

Be Aware

Know and follow any provincial public health measures to ensure you hold a safe event.

Have fun!

Most importantly, smile and enjoy the time together!

Have Questions?

You can contact the Block Party team at or by calling 780-459-1756.

Last edited: June 27, 2022