Become a Neighbourhood Connector

Building a Sense of Community in St. Albert

As someone who cares about your neighbourhood and makes efforts to bring neighbours together, you understand the value of knowing and being connected to one another. A strongly connected neighbourhood fosters a sense of belonging, improves personal safety, provides mental and emotional support and helps children and youth thrive. The relationships that grow from our neighbour-to-neighbour connections help us understand and celebrate our similarities and differences so that the diversity in all our neighbourhoods is embraced and celebrated. Everyone feels welcome!

By becoming a Neighbourhood Connector, you are joining a larger community effort that aims to build a sense of community and connectedness on every street, apartment and condominium complex in St. Albert.

Why Should I Join?

You are already doing it!

Neighbourhood Connectors are people who naturally seek and build relationships with their neighbours. As a Neighbourhood Connector, you:

  • Know some or most of your neighbours
  • May help them connect to one another through social gatherings such as Block Parties  
  • Are a contact person for your street, apartment or condo complex
  • Share your neighbourhood building ideas with others

Let’s do it together!

When you sign-up as a Neighbourhood Connector you will now have access to ideas, resources and a supportive team. This will include:

  • Welcome Package – You will receive a Welcome Package to get you started, which includes helpful resources such as a template for a letter of introduction and your neighbourhood contact list.
  • Direct Connection to Resources – As a Neighbourhood Connector, you will be connected to resources to help make your neighbourhood a great place to live. This includes access to Neighbourhood Network gatherings, mentors, information sessions, online tools and more.

Getting started

As a Neighbourhood Connector, you are encouraged to:

  • Introduce yourself as the Neighbourhood Connector
  • Make a Neighbourhood Contact List
  • Initiate or plan social gatherings
  • Invite others to help
  • Help neighbours connect with one another

Tips and Resources

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Last edited: May 2, 2023