Neighbourhood Connections Kits

The Neighbourhood Connections Kits encourage you and your family to better connect with your neighbours while exploring St. Albert. We have a walking kit, bird watching kit, a plant kit and a turquoise table kit.

What do the kits contain?

Each Neighbourhood Connections Kit contains something different.

Walking Kit – This kit is for you and your family to explore the beautiful walking trails and parks in St. Albert. This kit contains a bug box for the critters you find along the way, a little free library bingo card and much more!

Bird Watching Kit – The bird watching kit holds a St. Albert trail map, as well as a Big Lake Environment Support Society (BLESS) Bird Guide so you can check out the vast number of bird species that live in our own backyard. Remember to bring your own binoculars!

Plant Kit – In this kit you will find maps, park information, a magnifying glass and more to use while on your walk. Have fun trying to identify and learn more about our native plant species through the plant guide provided!

Turquoise Table Kit – Inspired by Kristen Schell’s book, The Turquoise Table, this kit encourages the casual meeting of neighbours. Use this kit to set up your own turquoise table in your yard. Instructions and details are in the kit. Table cloth and ideas included!

How do I use the kits?

All four kits are now available to borrow from the St. Albert Public Library.

To sign out a toolkit, visit the St. Albert Public Library and ask for a Neighbourhood Connections Kit or visit and search Neighbourhood Connections Kits. 

The kits are available to take home for two weeks with the possibility of renewal if there is no waitlist. The kits go home for two weeks with the possibility of one renewal if no one is waiting for it.

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Last edited: July 19, 2022