Connecting Generations Mentorship Program

Connecting Generations is an intergenerational pilot program that connects older adults (50+) and youth (15-24) through group events and activities as well as one-on-one companionship and mentorship programming.

Intergenerational connections are proven to enhance the lives of both youth and seniors in meaningful ways, including building self-esteem, enhancing leadership skills and encouraging a lifelong commitment to volunteerism. Seniors share knowledge and life experiences, which can improve mental wellbeing and decrease loneliness. The friendships that are developed through these connections can enrich the lives of everyone involved and promote a greater sense of community connectedness.

Group Events

Participation in group events and activities is optional; signing up for the one-on-one program is not mandatory to participate in the group events, but registration is still required to participate in either. If you would like to attend an upcoming event, please register to confirm your attendance (upcoming events are featured on the Community Events Calendar).

One-On-One Mentorship Program

If you are interested in participating in the one-on-one companion and mentorship program, please complete and submit the form below. One-on-one mentorship program details include:

  • At minimum once monthly meetups
  • Activities and events will be planned in accordance with suggestions provided by participants. If there is an activity you’d like to engage in, let us know!
  • Matching of companions and mentors will be based on the interests and preference of participants as indicated on the registration form. 
  • Once matched, the pair is welcome to decide where, when and how they will meet. (i.e., in person, over the phone, how often (the program will be most beneficial if meetups occur at least once a month) and for how long.

If you are interested in participating, please complete and submit the form below. 

One-On-One Mentorship Matching Application

Fields with an * are required.

Contact Information

Matching Information

What age are you interested in being matched with?
Check all that apply.

How would you prefer to meet with your match?
Check all that apply.

How often would you like to meet with your match?
Check all that apply.

What are you hoping to get from this mentorship program?

What activities would you like to do with your mentorship match?
Check all that apply.

If you chose "Other" above, please list what other activities you have in mind.

Are you willing to complete a criminal record check?

Please note the following: 1) This personal information is being collected under the authority of Section 33 (c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.A., 2000 and will be used to process your inquiry. It will be treated in accordance with the privacy protection provisions of Part 2 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. If you have any questions about the collection, contact the FOIP Coordinator at 780-459-1500. 2) The City does not respond to anonymous enquiries/submissions, malicious submissions, or submissions containing inappropriate or profane language; those received will be discarded by staff.

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