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City of St.Albert
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Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PHEV)


In 2016 the City of St. Albert added two new PHEV cars to the fleet of vehicles used for city operations. The cars are 2017 Chevy Volts and are the first electric vehicles within the city. In early 2017, three new electric buses were added to the St. Albert Transit fleet.

How will the cars be used?

One car is being used for mail delivery. The second car is being used by the Fire Department.

What is a PHEV car?

The PHEV Chevy Volt is a hybrid vehicle that is powered by an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. It uses batteries that are recharged by connecting a plug to an external electric power source (wall socket) that powers the electric motor for the first 84kms of the vehicle range. For anything beyond the initial range, the internal combustion engine starts to charge the batteries to drive the electric motor.  

What are the benefits of PHEV cars?

  • The City purchased the vehicles as part of the ongoing efforts to reduce corporate greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The vehicles run primarily on electricity but have a gas engine backup  
  • The electric motor within the car will run for an average of 84 km before needing to recharge 

Last edited: January 25, 2019

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