Grass Cutting

The City of St. Albert is well known for its beautiful boulevards and luscious green spaces. The City maintains almost 393 hectares of turf throughout the City’s parks, sports fields, boulevards and natural areas. During the summer is when you will see the majority of the City crews while they are maintaining these grass areas.

Turf Mowing Schedule

  • Boulevard Mowing - Cut on a 10 working day cycle
  • Soccer Fields - Cut on a 5 working day cycle
  • Other Parks - Cut on a 10 working day cycle
  • Country Roads - Cut twice a year
  • Fertilization - Once per year
  • Aeration - Done twice a year
  • Trimming (weed eaters) - Three times per year

Priorities are given to areas such as City Hall, entrances to the city, St. Albert Trail, River Valley, Tourist Information Center, cemetery and the Arts and Heritage sites. These areas are usually cut once every week.

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Last edited: February 24, 2022