Park Maintenance

St. Albert residents take pride in the community's many green spaces and an abundance of trees. The City works to ensure the community's parks and recreational areas are at their finest.

Sports field Maintenance

The City maintains an extensive amount of sports fields for the use of leagues, as well as for the general public's enjoyment. For general information on The City’s fields, please visit Sports Fields

Baseball Diamonds

There are 25 baseball and softball diamonds (16 shale and 9 grass) maintained by Public Works crews. The shale diamonds are "floated" every day, weather permitting, to level the infield. Minor repairs are made at that time, and any repairs of a more significant nature are noted and scheduled.

Soccer and Football Fields

Public Works crews maintain 41 soccer/football fields in approximately a week-long routine. This schedule is also weather-sensitive. Field markings are renewed, and general light repairs are made.

The Recreation and Parks Department is currently working to establish a scheduled upgrade of the football and soccer fields. This would see a small number of fields removed from service every two years to allow a general upgrade to the turf surface, regaining a standard too difficult to attain while the fields are in continuous annual use.

For more information on The City of St. Albert’s Riel Recreation Park and our multi-use artificial turf field, please visit our page on Riel Recreation Park

Sports Fields Conditions and Closures

For information on City field conditions, please visit our Field Closures page or contact our hotline number at 780-459-1568.

Tennis Courts

St. Albert has 7 tennis facilities, with a total of 18 courts. Public Operations (formerly Public Works) maintains the nets, court surfaces, and fencing as required. There are also 4 pickleball courts located at Lacombe Park and 12 located at Alpine Park. For more information regarding tennis court facilities, please visit our Racquet Sports page

Waste Collection

The City of St. Albert maintains almost 400 waste receptacles throughout parks and along trails across the city consisting of surface-mounted cans and in-ground tubes. 

The in-ground tubes offer a cleaner and more efficient way to dispose of park waste as they hold approximately 20 times more waste than that of the standard containers. They also have a no-spill top, which does not allow for any displacement of refuse from animals or environmental concerns.

The City's standard containers continue to be emptied weekly during the summer and every two weeks during the winter months.

Photo of red garbage can

Photo of red garbage can

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Last edited: February 24, 2022