Hired Trucks and Equipment

For 2021-2022

Due to COVID-19 recommendations on document handling, applications should be submitted by email to: transportationPW@stalbert.caAny applications submitted in-person will be subject to a 72 hour document quarantine (Applications will not be reviewed and contractor names will not be added to the call-out list until after the 72 hour quarantine).

All relevant COVID protocols and restrictions must be observed when dropping off documents in person, including (but not limited to): wear a face mask or face covering, sanitize your hands, follow physical distancing guidelines and do not enter the building if you are sick.

Please be advised that the City of St. Albert is now accepting applications for the 2021-2022 snow removal season.

The application and other attachments have been updated - please be sure to review all documentation and complete all forms/checklists included in the links below. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Please download, review and complete the following:

  1. Hired Equipment application checklist
  2. Application Form - 2021-2022
  3. Contractors Environmental Responsibilities Package and Acknowledgement
  4. Contractors Health And Safety Responsibilities Package and Acknowledgement

The following documentation must be returned along with the completed application:

  • WCB Clearance letter
  • Certificate of Insurance (showing a minimum of $2 million liability)
  • Copy of your City of St. Albert Business License (must be obtained prior to application submission and remain valid through entire snow removal season). Please visit Business Licensing for more information.
  • Certificate of Recognition (COR) or Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR)
  • Copy of Safety Fitness Certificate
  • Copy of your company NSC Safety manual including policies and procedures for your drivers. 

Please ensure all of the appropriate pages are signed and completed and then returned to the Public Operations via email to transportationPW@stalbert.ca or in person at 7 Chevigny Street.


Company names will not be added to the approved contractor list until all appropriate documentation is returned and the application is approved. Names are added on a first-come, first-served basis upon completion and approval of applications. Please note that timing of additions to the accepted contractor list does not impact the timing of any call-outs. The City will make all efforts to allocate work in a fair and equitable manner based on equipment needs and availability at the time of call-outs.

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Last edited: February 24, 2022