Sidewalks and Trails

The City of St. Albert's priority for winter maintenance of sidewalks and trails is to keep them safe and clear of hazards caused by snow and ice for our residents to enjoy year-round. After a snowfall of 1 - 5 cm, the City sends out plowing and sanding equipment. Sidewalks and trails are cleared in accordance with the following priority rankings:

2021-2022 Sidewalks and Trails Maintenance Map

- 1 -Red Willow Trail system (river valley trails), St. Albert Place, Transit terminalsClearing: 1 cm of snow accumulationSwept to snow-free surface within 8 hours
- 2 -Arterial sidewalks and trails, collector sidewalks and trails, bus stopsClearing: 2 - 5 cm of snow accumulationPlowed within 48 hours
- 3 -Internal trails, connector sidewalksClearing: 2 - 5 cm of snowfallPlowed within 72 hours and normally after completion of priorities 1 and 2

*In the event of a recurring or prolonged snowfall, resources may be re-allocated back to the higher priority areas. Snowfall above 10 cm may require resources to be diverted to Priority 1 on an extended basis.

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Last edited: February 24, 2022